Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm involved in a project right now that is keeping me busy posting on my children's illustration blog and less here. But four weeks between posts is just too long, so I thought I'd pop in and do a quick post posts.

It is sometimes challenging to keep posting regularly. Things get busy or ideas for posts just aren't there when needed. Because of this, I've got a small journal I keep on my desk and another one I carry with me for jotting down ideas to blog about. Sometimes I can't write fast enough to write all the ideas down and other times there's just nothing there.

My clients supply a lot of the topics in the questions they ask or the situations that come up in their businesses that require changes to their websites. On my other blog I write about my process and experiences submitting work to children's publishers. The important thing is staying true to the theme of your blog and who your audience is. That can be tough for me when I come up with a great topic that has nothing to do with any of my blogs. If I absolutely can't shake the idea, I'll try to come up with an angle to link the idea to my blog.

If a topic seems stale, try coming at it with humor or from an unexpected angle to breathe new life into it. Perhaps it is a common topic that has been discussed to death and you have a unique viewpoint on the matter.

If you still feel stuck, there are entire blogs out there devoted to helping you become a better blogger. Try the list at this link for post ideas.

Sometimes you just have to start writing to get the creative juices flowing. The most important part is to do it regularly. You will benefit from the process and your readers will benefit from what you share. Keep on blogging!