Monday, February 4, 2013


Last week I got my first heavily illustrated ebook project. I've been wanting to do a job like this for a long time. Creating ebooks is a lot like building websites because the same code languages control the look and function of everything on the page.

Text is one thing, but images are an entirely different matter. The original readers were not intended to master images and now, with so many devices out there, images need to have a sort of one-size-fits-all resolution to be able to publish across all of them. Not a lot different from designing websites, but in this case we have to be careful not to "break the bank" in having a file that is too large. I don't want my client having extra download charges every time a book is purchased.

So, what's the big deal about a few lo-res images? When I say this book is highly illustrated - I mean it. In its current published state it has 176 pages and 175 images. That's a lot of images! We are currently testing on all platforms to get the best size, file type and resolution for all devices without hitting limits with distribution vendors. It's a balancing act with a challenge that I really enjoy.

What's the book? MEGA '99 - an illustrated journal of author/illustrator Jared Manninen's trip along the Appalachian Trail. (MEGA is what the route he took is called - Maine to Georgia.) Not only is it a great read, but in digital form it will be an amazing resource for people actually on the trail.

Here's a flip through of the printed version of MEGA '99:

The digital form will be out before summer 2013. I'll keep you posted.